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This is to help you use your imagination. It can be wherever you want and you can choose paper or electronic ballots.
CC22- As long as you are only sucking your thumb and now making a scene.

Re: Ballot Discussion by KarissaCKarissaC, 17 Oct 2010 20:15

it makes the pain easier!

If you're a coug fan, homework is mandatory for the grieving process.

Re: registration discussion by Robert FryRobert Fry, 17 Oct 2010 19:00

I think that we should all think back to our netiquette reading…

Re: Ballot Discussion by erinanneserinannes, 17 Oct 2010 18:59

Legends in thier own minds!

Re: Booklets discussion by Robert FryRobert Fry, 17 Oct 2010 18:57

Homework is always a good thing!

What does homework have to do with this? Are there specific things to do at home?

I am confused about what is supposed to happen here? Is this a list of things needed by students or faculty?

I can't stop you but I can tell the principal!

Or I guess it should be


Add "homework" to the need list…

Re: registration discussion by CC22CC22, 17 Oct 2010 18:46

Check your spelling…


You put a sandwich sign around that donkey and everyone is going to vote for you!

I'm running for coffee and texting. You can't stop me!

Re: Booth Location discussion by CC22CC22, 17 Oct 2010 18:45

electronic ballots or paper ballots? You know, are we in Rochester or Mercer Island?

Re: Ballot Discussion by Robert FryRobert Fry, 17 Oct 2010 18:43

Security to keep TnT out??? This is preposterous!!!! I am offended and hurt. You can find me rocking back and forth in the corner, sucking my thumb.

Re: Ballot Discussion by CC22CC22, 17 Oct 2010 18:43

The creators of this page are geniuses!!!!!!

Re: Booklets discussion by CC22CC22, 17 Oct 2010 18:40

What needs to be done around this….?

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