Ad Campaign

Posters: may be posted on the 15th of December and taken down by the 1st of February. Locations: hallways & classrooms
Fliers : will go out on the 1st and 15th of each month until election day. Distributed:classrooms & main office
Morning Announcement: made on Monday and Wednesday 8:00 am until Election Day.
Class Newsletter: weekly class newletters will mention election in "Student News" section.
School Newsletter: monthly school newsletter will be given area in Election News to give current updates.
Sandwich Signs: students can use fellow students and/or hypoallergenic animals to parade around school grounds during school hours.
miniature-donkeys-06.jpg + 0511-0809-1914-3848_Cartoon_Man_Wearing_a_Blank_Sandwich_Board_Sign_Clipart_clipart_image.jpg